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12' Truax No-Till Drill

  • This drill can be used in no-till conditions or tilled fields
  • Seeds: native warm season grasses
  • cool season grasses, alfalfa, smooth bromegrass
  • wheatgrasses and most all grasses!
  • Depth bands place seed 1/4 inch deep in soil
  • Producer rental agreement required before use
  • Equipped with three seed boxes for various mixes

15’ JD 1590 No-Till Drill

  • Works in no-till conditions or tilled fields
  • Seeds: alfalfa, soybeans, wheatgrasses, oats and wheat
  • Will not seed fluffy warm season grasses or smooth bromegrass
  • Producer rental agreement required before use

Tree Planter

  • One row tree planter plants bareroot and potted trees
  • Tractor equiped with Outback Guidance System for straight tree rows

Trees R' Us Fabric Machine

  • Used in sod, no-till or tilled fields
  • Lays six foot wide by 750 foot weed barrier fabric rolls
  • Trees are planted first and fabric installed soon afterwards

Mechanical Tree Cultivation

  • Roto-tiller used between row weed control

Mowing Service

  • 6' John Deere flail mower
  • Used in tree sites and in new grass seedings to control weeds
Potted Conifer
Grass and tree demonstation plots and presentations
Tree spraying for deer/rabbit control
Native prairie grass restoration planting
Evaluation and Technical Information for management of the Natural Resources.

Stihl Earth Auger

  • Two available for rent to assist in planting trees.
  • Rental agreement and downpayment required

Marking Flag - Orange

  • Available for purchase individually or in bundles of 100


Tree Fabric Mats

  • 4 foot by 4 foot fabric mat
  • 5 staples per mat included

Fabric Staples

  • 10 guage 2 inches wide by 8 inches long
  • Used to secure weed barrier fabric on ground
Bareroot Hardwood

Weed Barrier Fabric

  • Woven, black polypropylene 18 mils in thickness
  • 8 gal. / sq ft. / minute water permability
  • 6 feet wide by 500 feet long roll
  • Can be purchased by the roll or per foot


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