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15' Truax No-Till Drill/15' Great Plains No-Till Drill

  • This drill can be used in no-till conditions or tilled fields

  • Seeds: native warm season grasses

  • cool season grasses, alfalfa, smooth bromegrass

  • wheatgrasses and most all grasses!

  • Depth bands place seed 1/4 inch deep in soil

  • Producer rental agreement required before use

  • Equipped with three seed boxes for various mixes

15’ JD 1590 No-Till Drill

  • Works in no-till conditions or tilled fields

  • Seeds: alfalfa, soybeans, wheatgrasses, oats and wheat

  • Will not seed fluffy warm season grasses or smooth bromegrass

  • Producer rental agreement required before use

Tree Planter

  • One row tree planter plants bareroot and potted trees

Fabric Machine

  • Used in sod, no-till or tilled fields

  • Lays six foot wide by 500 foot weed barrier fabric rolls

  • Trees are planted first and fabric installed soon afterwards


Grass and tree demonstration plots and presentations


Native prairie grass restoration planting


Evaluation and technical information for management of the natural resources

Stihl Earth Auger

  • Two available for rent to assist in planting trees.

  • Rental agreement and downpayment required

 Tree Fabric Mats

  • 4 foot by 4 foot fabric mat

  • 5 staples per mat included

Fabric Staples

  • 10 gauge 2 inches wide by 8 inches long

  • Used to secure weed barrier fabric on ground

Weed Barrier Fabric

  • Woven, black polypropylene 18 mils in thickness

  • 8 gal. / sq ft. / minute water permability

  • 6 feet wide by 500 feet long roll

  • Can be purchased by the roll or per foot

Contact us for grass mixture, pasture mixture and CRP mixture.

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